Alphanumeric codes

Combinations of letters and numbers that make no sense at all are the best form of alphanumeric codes. If you lack creativity for this, a password generator can help you create it. Sometimes, however, the term is attributed to the extended meaning with letters, numbers, and special characters to distinguish it from a mere number or letter code.


The QR-code can be printed with all printing methods without any problems. As with the barcode, however, the highest possible contrast is important, ideally black on white. Depending on the capabilities of the reader used, an inverse display is also possible.

Scratch-off fields

Scratch-off fields are versatile in use, and you can let your creativity wander. No matter if you “hide” a PIN or send voucher codes, a scratch-off field is safe. Of course, the playful aspect is not neglected either: raffles, bonus codes, scratch-off cards – there’s something for everyone.


EAN-codes on labels enable automated readout. In contrast to manual reading, this process is not only much faster, but also less sensitive to errors. It thus increases the efficiency of procedures in retail, logistics and production.