About us

Valecom AG is a leading provider of special forms of advertising on print media and other media of all kinds. As a long-standing partner for front-page advertising, we combine unbeatable knowledge with creative approaches. We support you in achieving your marketing goals. With enthusiasm and expertise, we accompany you in the development and realisation of creative advertising concepts, that promise high response rates. With a Valecom campaign, success can be measured at any time.

Together with partners, Valecom AG operates its own label production systems. This allows us to guarantee high quality in execution and delivery on the agreed dates at all times. In addition to our extensive experience in innovative forms of advertising, we have the necessary expertise in application technology and also provide the appropriate support in this area.

Valecom – For advertising with impact

Our services

We want to establish Valecom and its products in the future as your ultimate solution provider for special advertising forms. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through unique services and outstanding product quality. Innovation is our aspiration for the future.


Do you have real advantages over your competitors? Together with our clients, we analyze the needs, evaluate the initial situation and define the target groups to be addressed and together with you.


Based on the results obtained from the analysis and the definition of the target group, we work together with you to find the most suitable product and media titles that match the analysis and submit a customized offer.


After selecting the appropriate media titles, we contact the publishing houses, coordinate the delivery, produce the special advertising label and deliver it to the publishers for an application on time on the agreed date.


Debriefing is also one of our tasks. We collect your feedback and look at the results of the campaign together with you and adjust if necessary. This is how we improve performance for a follow-up campaign.

Our service

With us, you have a full-service partner at your side. Best title selection, best prices, best quality, absolute neutrality to the publishing houses.

Media service

  • Title evaluation / segments
  • Publisher clarifications
  • Pre-reservation of the titles
  • Booking of the agreed titles
  • Coordination with publisher houses
  • Invoice control


  • Data transfer
  • Data preparation
  • Proof creation
  • Label production
  • Production control
  • Scheduling of publisher timing


  • Concept creation
  • Concept proposals
  • Concept integration
  • Design
  • Creation adaption
  • Artwork


  • Development of trading platform
  • Evaluation of trading partner
  • Evaluation of advertising partner
  • Connect trading and advertising partners
  • Label production
  • Control of the bookings


In order to meet the high-quality requirements of our customers, Valecom decided to build a new production line at the end of 2021. Together with a partner, we designed a new processing machine. This gives us direct impact on the production processes in order to be able to guarantee the highest requirements for our products. The design, development and test phase lasted throughout 2022. Since the beginning of 2023, Valecom has been producing its labels with the new machine.

The most important difference to other machines or suppliers is the possibility of printing on the backside over the entire surface. Most machines print on the backside on the existing adhesive and are therefore limited in the implementation of the advertising on one hand to about 30-40% of the printable surface and on the other hand in the number of colors for the backside.

Our machine uses an innovative process that enables full-surfacing printing on the reverse side and no limitation regarding the usage of colors. This has the advantage for our customers that there are no restrictions or limitations in the implementation of an advertising campaign or CI/CD guidelines and the entire backside surface of the label can be used for the message.