MemoStick® Original – creative, interactive, resonant

Run ads on the cover of a high-circulation magazine or on your own carriers?

The MemoStick® is applied – like a Post-it® sticker onto the cover of a newspaper, magazine and/or other advertising carriers. It can be detached according to the needs and design of the advertiser and thus serve as a physical response element. The standard version of the MemoStick® is a square label, printed on the front and back, which is applied to the newspaper or other carriers with an adhesive which allows the target group to remove the label from the carrier without any problems.

For an individualized solution, the MemoStick® can be presented in a variety of special shapes (for example, house, star, heart). The technical designs with which the MemoStick® can be used are just as varied. The right special shapes for every campaign goal. Available with QR-, EAN-, scratch-off fields, alphanumeric codes.

Suitable for:

  • New openings or special promotions
  • Announcements of discount offers
  • Providing codes, e.g., for internet promotions
  • Announcements of competitions or raffles
  • Seasonal offers

Special shapes – Unique!

Unique, distinctive and eye-catching?

The MemoStick® does that anyway. If you need something more, you can create individual special shapes that perfectly support your advertising message and increase its visibility. A casino voucher in the shape of a chip? A special Valentine’s Day promotion in the shape of a heart? There are no limitations to creativity. Attention is guaranteed with special shapes. Individuality too.


Is there more to tell than is possible on the space of an ordinary MemoStick®?

Then MemoBooklet® is the product of choice. It creates space for creativity and offers greater flexibility and more space for your messages than the MemoStick® and the possibility to present a wide range of offers or promotions. On 4, 6 or 8 pages you can freely unfold your creativity.

Suitable for:

  • Announcement information
  • Emergency numbers
  • Community news
  • Product explanations


More than just an insert?

Sometimes you don’t want to place your advertisement on the front page of a newspaper or magazine. With our MemoTrade® we increase your flexibility regarding the choice of advertisement medium. We have already realized campaigns on milk packaging, on bakery paper bags, on popcorn boxes, on electronic packaging or on pizza boxes for our clients. Ask us anytime, we will find the right carrier for your product.
Suitable for: 

  • Product supplements
  • Information of origin
  • Presentation of complete product lines
  • Content declarations
  • Any advertising outside of the usual framework and context


the precise way to deliver exquisite fragrances

With the MemoScent®, we have expanded our advertising format portfolio with an exciting new product. The MemoScent® is the precise way to deliver exquisite fragrances to target consumer groups through the front pages of newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. Perfume and cosmetic samples such as lotions, creams, and other beauty and skincare products are encapsulated between two layers of film. Access to the content is obtained by removing the top layer of film.


With their qualities, Magic Cards convey value. They can be constructed in multiple layers, allowing for the addition of further elements such as integrated labels or scratch-off fields within the label, thereby achieving additional advertising effects.
Magic Cards utilize the Dry-Peel process with an innovative multilayer technology and an ultra-thin film as the carrier material. Clearly, they offer much more than magic!
During the application process, Magic Cards are fully attached to the printed product. When removed, the transparent and recyclable film remains, ensuring the legibility of the underlying print image on the printed product.

Medias are literally versatile.

Medias represent the most extensive category among the advertising formats offered by Valecom AG. The limits of what is possible are defined solely by creativity. Medias include multi-page leporello for recipes and other instructions, coupons or event announcements, small useful promotional gifts, and other original gimmicks that effectively draw attention to content stories within the print product. All of this makes Medias a truly versatile advertising format, quite literally.

MediaPack transports product samples securely.

Media Pack utilizes a novel carrier principle for dispensing ultra-thin product samples onto and into the printed material. A bag made of extremely thin, transparent, and recyclable plastic serves as the transfer material. At the same time, Media Pack securely transports the product samples, protecting them from external influences.
Similar to Valecom AG’s other advertising formats, Media Pack can be dispensed within the conveying technology of all well-known manufacturers of mailroom systems.

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